Vaginal Cones Help Women Avoid Embarrassing Incontinence

Vaginal cone weights are a quick and easy solution for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, yet one which isn’t talked about much.  Because the entire subject of incontinence can be difficult to discuss, most women don’t bring it up with their OB/GYN and, therefore, it doesn't get addressed.  Now, however, several manufacturers are offering a simple solution through kegel exercise devices.

weightsVaginal cones work by targeting the muscles in the pelvic floor.   These muscles can become weakened over time, leading to decreased bladder control and urinary leakage.  While the tendency to have “accidents” brought on by coughing, sneezing or laughing can be embarrassing it is not uncommon, nor should it be cause for concern.  It is simply a matter of working to improve muscle tone and strength, as you would with any other muscle in your body.

The main difficulty in working the pelvic floor muscles is targeting them properly.  Most women focus on the muscles of the stomach or buttocks, but miss the muscles in the pelvic floor which are most in need of help.  Vaginal cone weights help to target these muscles by drawing your concentration to the pelvic floor.  A series of weights can be added over time to help build muscle strength.

In most cases, work with vaginal cones involves a graduated course of exercises which extend over three months and help to lessen incontinence issues.  Of course, not every woman has the same muscle condition, so results can vary from individual to individual.  Not every woman will need to use all the sizes of weights to get results.

Because stress related incontinence can occur in women of almost any age, there is no limit as to who can benefit from the use of vaginal cone weights.  It’s a matter of knowing your own body and recognizing when you feel improvement in terms of bladder control.  If you do notice improvement at the end of the three month daily exercise routine, you can then cut back to exercising a few times a week or just whenever you feel you need extra toning.

As with any exercising, the key to getting good results with vaginal cones is sticking with it.   The more regular you are with your exercise routine, the better your chances of seeing improvement.  Of course, this means continuing to exercise even if you feel some discomfort.  It is normal to feel some strain whenever you are working with little used muscles, so don’t let this discourage you.

Over time, you should begin to notice any signs of discomfort subsiding.  If you experience severe pain you should consult your doctor.  There are other possible road blocks when it conescomes to working with vaginal cone weights, including fatigue, persistent cough, repeated heavy lifting and menstruation.  Any of these factors can effect how you use the pelvic floor muscles and they may impede your progress, but stick with it and you’ll soon be seeing positive results.

No-one likes the feeling of leaking urine due to common stressors, but there is no reason why you should have to feel embarrassed nor have to put up with this problem.  A regular course of vaginal exercises using vaginal weights can help to improve the strength of your pelvic floor muscles and banish embarrassing incontinence for good!